SlashGrid HTTP Profile

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The SlashGrid HTTP Profile defines a way of using components of HTTP, WebDAV and HTML to achieve filesystem semantics similar to POSIX, via HTTP(S) requests. This profile is implemented by GridSite/Apache servers, by GridSite's htcp command-line clients, and the SlashGrid virtual filesystem client. As a profile rather than a new standard, interoperation degrades gracefull when using third-party clients and servers which are unaware of the profile.

Directory Listings

Directory listings are obtaining by making an HTTP GET request for the directory URL, including the trailing slash. The server returns an HTML file, and the HREF attributes of A elements are parsed to construct a list of canonicalised URLs. Those URLs which represent files and immediate subdirectories of the directory are interpreted as its members.

'Long listings' and file stat() operations - including file modification times, length and type - can be constru